Monday, April 23, 2018

This week in Biology/Art

Parents and Students,

This week we will begin part 2 of the Genetics Art Project, so remember to CREATE your playlists of songs that represent you!!! (just make sure you do NOT rely on streaming).

We will continue discussion how traits are passed on to successive generations, how DNA is modified to potentially better medicine, agriculture, and our economy.

Final we will begin our journey of preparing for EOC and Finals, by dedicating class time for review activities.

Come to Class and Work hard!! our EOC is scheduled for MAY 15TH!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Tutoring Opportunites

This week we will have 2 remediation sessions
1. 7:30 am- 8 am Wednesday morning,
2. 3:40 pm - 4:30 pm Wednesday

If you can not make it, then you must complete 1 pg of notes EACH for the following videos

video1: DNA AND RNA TV2

Both videos are located on our YouTube page.

This Week in Biology

Hello and welcome back!

This week we will discuss mutations and how they effect organisms.
(Deletions, Substitutions, Insertions, etc.--MONDAY

Mutations (review mutations activity), discuss new "Mendelian Genetics vocabulary" and examples, then learn how simple characteristics are passed to successive generations--TUESDAY

A portion of our students will attend the "Sweet Water" field trip (reviewing concepts from the Ecology and Evolution Unit), and others will get a head start on the Genetics practice problems and also preview the details of cellular respiration to get used to some vocabulary and intro concepts---WEDNESDAY

Thursday...I.A.N(Interactive Notebook quiz) Quiz. This quiz helps to make sure students are keeping up with their organizational skills and completing their assignments accurately.

FRIDAY, there will be a small quiz to check for understanding of mutations (5 -10 Questions) PLEASE prepare, by reviewing your mutation notes and activities from Monday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Videos to HELP you prepare for the GENETICS TEST

These videos are on the Biology YouTube page

Video Titles to help with Study Guide

1. Protein synthesis TV, MNM TV2, DNA and RNA TV2, phsbio1_macon_pedigree, phsbio1_macon_dnaTechnology, phsbio1_macon_meiosis.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This week in Biology

This week we are...
1. Finishing and assessing our understanding of the Classification/Evolution Unit.
2. Preparing for our 1st Art Project in the Genetics Unit (**Self Portraits**)
3. Beginning the Genetics Unit (starting with investigating DNA and how it affects living things & our society).
Videos to watch:
1. DNA and RNA TV2
2. phsbio1_macon_Monohybrid Cross/PunnettSquares
3. DNA Technology

Remediation Session Open for Classification/Evolution help


Today in Biology we will take the Unit Test for Classification/Evolution. If students do not feel comfortable with their performance on the assessment, or their understanding of the content, then PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity to improve!
On Wednesday March 28th, tutoring opportunities will be available 1 session before school (7:30 am - 8 am) and 1 session after school (3:40 pm- 4:30 pm)

You should complete the "virtual tutoring" option.

Go to our YouTube page and watch the following videos
1. Classification revised
2. Natural Selection

And complete 1 page of notes (as evidence) for each video and you will be able to Retake the Unit test.