Thursday, December 29, 2016

Freshmen Seminar Week 1

This is an innovative course that helps students cultivate...LIFE SKILLS for success in the present, throughout high school, and for the future. In the first weeks we will focus on interpersonal skills, so we will navigate through a multitude of experiences to establish and build on interpersonal skills.

Skills focused on:
1. Integrity
2. Honesty
3. Organization
4. Respect for Diversity
5. Accountability
6. Punctuality
7. Time Management

Environmental Science week1


We will investigate the following concepts of Environmental Science (ES):
1. What is ES?-(what distinguishes this science from others)
2. Sustainability-(what does it mean, and how is it pursued?)
3. Resources- (Renewable vs. Non-renewable)
4. The Tragedy of the Commons-(explore real life evidence of the theory)
5. Cycling of Materials in an ecosystem-(How humans impact the cycles)

ES_v1 HW video

Bio Week I

I hope you all had a great holiday break, and are well rested and ready to GO HARD for the last semester of the year!

Week 1/5-1/13

For this week (and 2 days) in Biology, we will investigate how to THINK scientifically! As we learn about the introductory concepts of Biology, we will practice and apply strategies such as F.A.T strategy, Scientific Explanation Tools, Question Cubes and the Scientific Method.

Activities include;
1. Silent Towers-collaborative skills, and critical thinking.
2. Question Cubes-collaborating, facilitating a discussion, listening skills, identifying evidence
3. Picking out he Parts of an Experiment
4. Scientific Method steps and practice
5. Characteristics of Life (C.O.L)
6. How to use a Microscope (E-Lab)
7. Principles of design and Elements of Art